Important Conditions

·   You must also read the Terms and Conditions on the Bay Island Voyages Website:

·   The boats are chartered and if sufficiently booked any small surplus goes toward the maintenance of the island.

·   The Trust reserves the right to cancel any trip if insufficient bookings would mean financial loss to the Trust.

·   The gradients on Steep Holm make it unsuitable for those who are unable to walk unaided or who are otherwise unfit.

    If in doubt, please ask at the time of booking. For those living locally it is roughly the equivalent of being able to walk

    up the length and steepness of Manor Road in Weston-super-Mare but over rougher ground. However, once the top is

    achieved most of the island can be walked more easily.

Cancellation Policy:

-  You must read the FAQ on the Bay Island Voyages website here for more information:


·   Children under the age of 18 years must be accompanied and supervised by their parent or guardian at all times when

    on the island.

·   There is a minimum height restriction operated by Bay Island Voyages along with ability conditions.

·   Dogs and any other animals are not permitted on the island.

·   Metal detectors, drones, smoking, fires and barbecues are all strictly prohibited.

·   Unauthorised caving and climbing is prohibited.

·   The Kenneth Allsop Memorial Trust is unable to accommodate overnight visitors.

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