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Quick Tour

  • Step by step health and safety tips:

  • Arrive 30 minutes early for your ​safety briefing and to put on life jackets. Take waterproofs and an extra layer

  • Sit down and hold on, enjoy the ride (some say its the best bit); please follow instructions of the crew

  • Some agility required to get onto pebble beach, steps and help provided then muster at the top of the beach

  • Head up the quay steep steps and avoid the edge (there are no railings)

  • Wear sturdy boots/shoes not flip flops or slippers!

  • Watch out for the old rail tracks on the way up as they can be slippery or trip hazards and take care with poisonous plants

  • WARNING: Brown Tailed Moth (Lackey Moth) caterpillars and webs are highly irritant and cause allergic reactions on skin (mostly found on blackberry bushes in Spring/early Summer) do not touch the caterpillars or webs

  • Go to the barracks for refreshments and souvenirs

  • Avoid the steep path to the south landing labelled Danger! (it goes over the edge of a cliff if you're not careful)

  • Stick to the paths and look out for nesting birds and eggs

  • Wear a hat (to protect against the sun and the birds!) and take plenty of high factor sun cream

  • Beware of steep steps into gunpowder rooms by the cannons

  • Hold railings on your way to the WWII search light landing (there are 208 steps to climb back up)

  • Use a torch in the store rooms

  • Be careful around WWII structures, some have holes in the ground

  • Do not enter the old pub on the way up as the structure is dangerous, in particular the upstairs floor could collapse

  • Do not be tempted to go swimming.  Dangerous currents and high tides will sweep you out to sea

  • Take some lunch as it will be at least 12 hours before you get back

  • Be ready for departure and head down to the landing 30 minutes beforehand

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