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Quick Tour

Step by step health and safety tips:

  • Arrive 30 minutes early for your ​safety briefing and to put on life jackets. Take waterproofs and an extra layer.  It can get cold 5 miles out to sea on a windy boat so wrap up even on a sunny day (you can always take it off later but you can't if you've not brought something)

  • Sit down and hold on, enjoy the ride (some say its the best bit); please follow instructions of the crew

  • Some agility required to get onto pebble beach, steps and help provided then muster at the top of the beach

  • Head up the quay steep steps and avoid the edge (there are no railings)

  • Wear sturdy boots/shoes not flip flops or slippers!

  • Watch out for the old rail tracks on the way up as they can be slippery or trip hazards and take care with poisonous plants

  • WARNING: Brown Tailed Moth caterpillars and webs are highly irritant and cause allergic reactions on skin (mostly found on blackberry bushes in Spring/early Summer) do not touch the caterpillars or webs

  • Go to the barracks for refreshments and souvenirs

  • Avoid the steep path to the south landing labelled Danger! (it goes over the edge of a cliff if you're not careful)

  • Stick to the paths and look out for nesting birds and eggs

  • Wear a hat (to protect against the sun and the birds!) and take plenty of high factor sun cream

  • Animal Plant and Health Agency advice on bird flu:'The risk to the public’s health from the virus strains currently circulating in the UK is very low. Some strains of avian influenza can pass to humans, but this is very rare. It usually requires very close contact between the human and infected birds. We would advise you not to touch or pick up any dead or visibly sick birds that you find.' Please report to a volunteer/trustee and we will deal with the reporting

  • Beware of steep steps into gunpowder rooms by the cannons

  • Hold railings on your way to the WWII search light landing (there are 208 steps to climb back up)

  • Use a torch in the store rooms

  • Be careful around WWII structures, some have holes in the ground

  • Do not enter the old pub on the way up as the structure is dangerous, in particular the upstairs floor could collapse

  • Do not be tempted to go swimming.  Dangerous currents and high tides will sweep you out to sea

  • Take some lunch as it will be at least 12 hours before you get back (snacks, cakes and cream teas can be purchased from the barracks)

  • Alcohol can be purchased from the barracks (tinned beer/lager and small wine bottles).  Please do not go wandering off if you think you may have had a bit too much.  Just sit by the cannon and enjoy the view!

  • Be ready for departure and head down to the landing 30 minutes beforehand

We allow visitors to roam at their own risk.  For example you can attempt the steep climb to the South Landing if you are fit enough and take extreme care at the bottom but it is very steep and you will have to climb back up.  There are steep cliff edges and a lot of old buildings and debris from WWII so be sensible.  If you take your time and consider the hazards then you should have an enjoyable visit with plenty to see and do or just relax and enjoy the views and peace.

There is a Powerpoint presentation with more details and some pictures on what to expect:


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